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Life without brain disease

The American Brain Foundation was founded to bring researchers and donors together to cure brain diseases and disorders. For almost 30 years, we have funded research across a broad spectrum of brain and nervous system diseases and disorders in the pursuit of improved treatments, prevention, and cures. We focus on the full spectrum of brain diseases and disorders because we believe that when we cure one disease, we will cure many. 


We have granted over 33 million dollars to researchers

270 +

We have provided funding and scholarships to over 270 researchers


86% of our researchers have gone on to secure funding from the NIH and other national funders


25 scientists are actively undertaking innovative studies in over 10 different disease areas


About the American Brain Foundation

We bring together the most respected researchers, brain disease organizations  and individual donors to achieve our shared goals. Our founder and research partner is the American Academy of Neurology.

Cure One, Cure Many
Brain Disease Affects 1 in 6 people
Funding Brain Disease Research
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Cure One, Cure Many

Our whole-brain approach recognizes the interconnectedness of brain diseases and supports innovation through research by the best and brightest in the field of neurology. By examining the whole brain, we get the whole picture, and we know that when we cure one brain disease, we will cure many. 

Brain Disease Affects 1 in 6 people

That’s over 1 billion people across the globe whose lives are impacted by brain diseases like multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease, Lewy body dementia, stroke, migraine, epilepsy, and more. Our goal is to bring that number to zero. 

Funding Brain Disease Research

Through programs like our Next Generation Research Grants and the Cure One Cure Many research award, we are committed to funding the innovative research of early-career and established investigators, encouraging a passion for research and laying the groundwork for the cures of tomorrow. 

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Together, we can outsmart brain disease. Make your donation today to help make life without brain disease a reality. 

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Cure One Cure Many Award

The American Brain Foundation’s Cure One, Cure Many Award supports breakthrough research in brain disease. The award provides large-scale, catalyst funding to the world’s top researchers who are pursuing the most innovative, cross-cutting approaches to finding diagnoses, treatments, and cures for brain disease. The award targets research topics that cut across multiple disease areas.


Working to Find Cures

The Next Generation Research Grants program funds and supports innovative investigations by the best and brightest early-career researchers working today to find the cures of tomorrow. We support their research across a broad spectrum of the brain and nervous system as they tackle things like identifying and treating ALS, developing treatments for Parkinson’s disease, predicting outcomes for TBI patients, and more. 


Brain Diseases From A-Z

Brain disease comes in many different forms and goes by many different names. It affects the lives of one in six people worldwide, in addition to the lives of their family, friends, and caregivers. Learn more about the diseases and disorders that affect the brain and nervous system, including ALS, dementia, brain tumors, headache, stroke, and more.


Brain & Life®

Brain & Life is a website and free magazine backed by the neurologists of the American Academy of Neurology. Visit to read compelling stories and get useful tips about brain health and living well with a neurologic disorder, and to subscribe to the magazine.

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News and Articles

Discover the latest news in brain disease research, hear stories from people affected by brain disease and their caregivers, read up on brain disease-specific information, and more.

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What to Know About Spinal Muscular Atrophy

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Linda LaRowe

Living and Working With MS: A Story of Self-advocacy and Perseverance

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Suzanne Schindler and her diagnostic test for Alzheimer's

Developing a Diagnostic Test for Alzheimer’s Disease

A Next Generation Research Grant sparks a doctor’s interest in research to identify early predictors of Alzheimer’s disease From studying the brains of mice to identifying biological measures that can indicate…
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Brain Health Round Up July 2021

Brain Health Round-Up: Life-Changing Therapies Highlight the Power of Research

From using the most expensive drug in the world to save lives to studying the long-term effects of COVID-19 on the brain, these are the latest updates on brain disease…
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Brain Health Round-Up June 2021

Brain Health Round-Up: Hope for People Affected by Brain Disease

A bipartisan bill, genetic therapies, and music are beacons of hope in this month’s brain disease research round-up When it comes to brain disease, studying the whole brain makes a whole…
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Ted Burns Award 2021 winner John Quinlan MD

Announcing the 2021 Ted M. Burns Humanism in Neurology Award Recipient: John Quinlan, MD

Dr. John Quinlan, master educator at the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine, honored with Ted Burns Award To maintain the idealism and compassion of neurology, humanism must come first even…
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Mysathenia gravis is an autoimmune neuromuscular disease that cause weakness in the muscles that control bodily function and movement

What to Know About Myasthenia Gravis

Learn about the symptoms, diagnostic tests, and treatment options for this autoimmune disease that causes muscle weakness Myasthenia gravis is an autoimmune neuromuscular disease that causes weakness in the muscles that…
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Ben LeNail and X-linked adrenoleukodystrophy

From Diagnosis to Advocacy: A Journey with a Rare Brain Disease

An American Brain Foundation board member outlines his path from a rare brain disease diagnosis to advocacy Ben LeNail was perfectly healthy until age 40. He lived in Palo Alto, California,…
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Class of 2021 Next Generation Research Grants

2021 Next Generation Research Grant Recipients

Meet the new grant recipients and learn about their innovative research projects   The American Brain Foundation’s Next Generation Research Grants fund and support innovative investigations by the best and brightest early-career…
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