Who is your hero

In the fight against
brain disease?

Commitment to Cures
Commitment to Cures

Commitment to Cures is a fundraising dinner held in conjunction with the American Academy of Neurology’s 2020 Annual Meeting in Toronto, attended by 15,000 professionals in the neurology and neuroscience field.

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Meet Zoe

At 15, Zoe has been navigating her Tourette syndrome diagnosis for eight years. “I had to figure out at a young age how my emotions affect my tics, from good to awful ways. It has been frustrating to figure out on my own and learn to deal with. “This was the first moment in my life where my parents couldn’t fix something for me.”

Inspired To Find A Cure

Meet Suma Babu, MBBS, MPH

Dr. Babu’s goal is to understand the inflammatory and neurodegenerative changes in the spinal cords of people living with ALS. Her team’s study addresses important, under-studied, disease mechanism-related research questions with potential implications for improving clinical trial designs in ALS.

Crowdfund for Cures

The American Brain Foundation has developed the world’s first neuroscience crowdfunding platform—bringing researchers and donors together to campaign for brain disease research.

Honor your heroes in the fight against brain disease.