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At 15, Zoe has been navigating her Tourette syndrome diagnosis for eight years. “I had to figure out at a young age how my emotions affect my tics, from good to awful ways. It has been frustrating to figure out on my own and learn to deal with. This was the first moment in my life where my parents couldn’t fix something for me.”

Chronic tic disorders (CTDs) such as Tourette syndrome are common, affecting approximately 1% of youth. Anxiety disorders are present in the majority of youth with tic disorders but the types of anxiety symptoms and the impact of these symptoms in youth with tic disorders are not well understood.

With your help, the American Brain Foundation supports innovative researchers across the spectrum of brain disease looking to create solutions and hope for patients and caregivers. Researchers like Jennifer Vermilion, MD, who aims to better understand anxiety symptoms in youth with tic disorders in order to improve diagnosis and treatments for young people like Zoe.

“I am excited to advance our understanding of anxiety symptoms in youth with tic disorders and to better understand how to approach treatment of these patients.” – Jennifer Vermilion, MD

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“When we all come together, we change the world for good with one cure at a time.” – Zoe