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What Does it Mean to “Cure One, Cure Many”?

Behind the Cure One Cure Many philosophy

The American Brain Foundation believes in studying a broad spectrum of brain diseases and disorders

The American Brain Foundation’s mission is to bring researchers and donors together in the relentless pursuit of discovery research. We do so with the hopes it will lead to improved diagnoses, treatments, and ultimately cures for brain diseases. While the brain is a complex organ with distinct parts and unique functions, different brain diseases often interconnect with one another. Research into one area can inform investigative work on another. A cure for one disease will lead to cures for many diseases. That’s why our philosophy of “cure one, cure many” drives our commitment to invest in research across the whole spectrum of brain diseases and disorders. Learn how this philosophy plays a part in our approach and helps us nurture worthwhile partnerships.

Brain diseases are interconnected

Brain diseases and disorders interconnect with each other. So when researchers make breakthroughs for one brain disease, what we learn will apply in understanding, preventing or treating others. For example, while Parkinson’s disease, Lewy body dementia and ALS are different diseases with their own symptoms and progressions, former Foundation Board Member Ralph Józefowicz, MD, points out that they are all degenerative diseases and what’s causing one disease is very similar to what’s causing the other disease. “Funding research not for a specific disease, but a category of diseases, will allow us to more quickly develop treatments for these disorders,” he says.

Our holistic approach recognizes these interconnections and builds bridges between diseases. This helps us move closer to our vision of a life without brain disease.

Leveraging valuable partnerships

In support of “cure one, cure many,” we have developed partnerships with organizations across a wide spectrum of brain diseases. The American Brain Foundation brings together the best researchers from respected organizations fighting diseases of the brain and nervous system. Our partnership with the American Academy of Neurology allows us to tap into their massive network of neurologists and brain disease researchers and support cutting-edge research that could cure diseases and change lives. Our other partnerships with leading disease-specific organizations help us connect resources and research across the investigative community. Together, we can outsmart brain disease by making progress toward prevention, early diagnoses, improved treatments and cures.

Funding research across the whole brain

Our practice of studying the whole brain and funding research across the full spectrum of brain disease gives us the best hope for better prevention, treatment and cures. Discoveries in one field lay the foundation for future discoveries, and potentially cures, in others. For instance, the American Brain Foundation’s 2019 Scientific Breakthrough Awardee Dr. Jerry Mendell’s groundbreaking gene therapy treatment for spinal muscular atrophy is not only improving motor milestones by treating the disease in children younger than 2 years old, but it is also being used effectively to treat Duchenne muscular dystrophy.

When we cure one brain disease, we can cure many diseases. That philosophy fuels our partnerships, our commitment to funding research and our passionate pursuit of a life without brain disease.