Submit a Project

Any neuroscience research project that contributes to the American Brain Foundation’s mission of curing brain disease is eligible for listing on the crowdfunding platform. We will accept a wide range of project proposals from basic neuroscience research to clinical trials.

We encourage proposals in the $5,000 to $15,000 range to fund a specific component of a project, acquire pre-clinical data, or serve as seed funding for a larger project.

All proposals will be reviewed by a scientific committee and must have Internal Review Board of Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee approval or exemption before posting on the site.

Applications for inclusion on the site are accepted on a rolling basis. To apply, researchers must submit a letter of inquiry online. There is no charge for submitting a letter of inquiry. If the letter of inquiry is accepted, there is a $100 application fee to submit a full proposal.

Approved projects will be posted on the crowdfunding platform for 90 days. If the project is not fully funded in 90 days, the project can be extended in 30-day increments until it is funded, with approval from the Research Advisory Committee and the investigator. Once the project is fully funded, a gift agreement will be submitted to the researcher’s institution. Once the agreement is executed, funds earmarked for the project will be transferred to the institution.

To get started please email [email protected].

Our Researchers

The American Brain Foundation supports world-class research on cutting edge projects. Funding research across a broad spectrum of the brain and nervous system is the best hope for curing brain disease as a whole.