Sanjana Shellikeri, PhD

Project Title: “Validation of an automated pure motor natural speech assessment tool in ALS-FTD and Lewy Body Spectrum disorders”

Speech impairment caused by difficulties moving the muscles needed for speech is a common concern in over 92% of people with ALS and over 86% of people with Parkinsonian and Lewy Body Spectrum disorders. Speech is a good indication of a patient’s risk of aspiration, a major factor contributing to death, however, current screening tools do not involve “real life” natural speech, and are difficult to administer. 

Dr. Shellikeri’s research will develop speech assessment tools that will analyze natural speech. These assessment tools will help doctors screen patients for speech impairment so that they can provide accurate prognoses and specific treatments to manage these impairments. 

Dr. Shellikeri is a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Pennsylvania.

This research is funded by The ALS Association and American Brain Foundation, in collaboration with the American Academy of Neurology.