Sachin Gadani, MD, PhD

Project Title: “Defining the role of inflammatory oligodendrocyte precursor cells on chronic inflammation and impaired remyelination in CNS autoimmunity”

The brain is a complex and delicate organ made up of cellular “wires”, also known as axons, that are covered with “insulation”, also known as myelin. In MS, the immune system receives an incorrect signal and attacks myelin. Damage to myelin prevents axons from working normally and leads to neurologic symptoms such as weakness, numbness, and imbalance. In patients with MS, this myelin, once damaged, does not heal effectively.

Dr. Gadani’s research will study why myelin repair does not occur effectively in MS. This research could lead to new therapies aimed at stopping myelin destruction, and improving its repair. 

Dr. Gadani is a resident in neurology at Johns Hopkins University.

This research is funded by the American Brain Foundation and the National MS Society.