Malya Sahu, MD

2024 Clinical Research Training Scholarship in Neurodisparities


Title/Institution: Global Neurology and Neuroimmunology Fellow, Johns Hopkins University

Project Title: “Community-Based Intervention to Address Patient Perceptions of Multiple Sclerosis in Zambia”

Project Summary: Dr. Sahu’s project will investigate the prevalence and diagnosis of multiple sclerosis (MS) in Zambia. Recent research suggests that low MS prevalence in sub-Saharan Africa is due to underdiagnosis rather than its true absence. Zambia’s first neurology clinic identified over 36 MS cases, and many of these people experienced delays in diagnosis and treatment, resulting in disability, financial burden, and distrust in the healthcare system. 

To address this, Dr. Sahu’s study aims to understand Zambian perceptions of MS and design culturally sensitive interventions and locally tailored approaches that take  cultural, socioeconomic, and healthcare system differences into consideration. 

$172,500 is needed to fund this grant.