Haopei Yang, PhD

2024 McKnight Clinical Translational Research Scholarship in Cognitive Aging and Age-Related Memory Loss


Title/Institution: Postdoctoral Scholar, Stanford University

Project Title: “Investigating age-related memory decline through computational modelling of perceptual changes and preclinical-AD biomarkers”

Project Summary: Aging is often accompanied by cognitive decline, including memory deficits. However, the extent of memory decline varies widely, and we do not fully understand why these changes occur. 

Dr. Yang’s project will use memory tests and brain scans to study both young and older adults’ memory precision and visual perception, and will explore the link between amyloid-beta (A𝛽) in the brain and memory. The results of this research may help us understand why memory worsens with age and how A𝛽 affects memory. This research could contribute to better understanding of age-related memory problems as well as potential treatments.