Francesco Michelassi, MD

2024 Clinical Research Training Scholarship in Peripheral Neuropathy


Title/Institution: Neuromuscular Research Fellow, Columbia University

Project Title: “Mitochondrial Biogenesis as a Therapeutic Target in Paclitaxel Induced Peripheral Neuropathy”

Project Summary: Chemotherapy can lead to nerve damage called chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy (CIPN), which causes persistent and debilitating pain, numbness, or both. About half of all people who receive chemotherapy will develop CIPN, and 17-36% of these people will have to reduce and stop their chemotherapy treatment. CIPN is frequently caused by Paclitaxel (PTX), a common chemotherapy drug. 

Dr. Michelassi’s research aims to understand how PTX affects nerve cells, as well as potential treatments to protect nerves. This research could uncover new treatments to prevent or reverse nerve damage caused by chemotherapy.

This research is funded by the Foundation for Peripheral Neuropathy through the American Brain Foundation, in collaboration with the American Academy of Neurology.