Andrew Breithaupt, MD

2024 Robert Katzman, MD Clinical Research Training Scholarship in Alzheimer’s and Dementia Research


Title/Institution: Behavioral Neurology Clinical Fellow, University of California, San Francisco

Project Title: “Enhancing Dementia Diagnosis using Machine-Delivered Questionnaires and Artificial Intelligence”

Project Summary: New treatments for neurodegenerative diseases have increased the importance of early diagnosis, particularly in differentiating Alzheimer’s disease from other neurodegenerative diseases. These treatments are most effective when started as early as possible, so there is a pressing need for tools to streamline the diagnosis of neurodegenerative diseases.

Dr. Breithaupt’s research seeks to improve dementia diagnosis by using computer-based questionnaires, delivered in an audio-based format and completed by people before they visit their doctor. AI tools can then accurately transcribe and summarize this information, allowing doctors to collect the extensive information needed to diagnose dementia. This tool could also be used by primary care providers to help with early diagnosis.

This research is funded by the Alzheimer’s Association and American Brain Foundation, in collaboration with the American Academy of Neurology.