Professor Steffen Jung, PhD

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What we Know:
Over 5 million Americans suffer from Alzheimer’s disease, while 3 million have inflammatory bowel disease, and over 400,000 have multiple sclerosis. Other inflammatory diseases, such as asthma and arthritis, impact many more millions of American lives. These are grim figures in the face of a significant lack of effective treatments for some of these conditions. In addition, the immune system is complex and ever-changing, making it hard to study and control.

Improved Understanding to Help Find a Treatment:
An advantage in the study of inflammatory diseases, is that they share many of the same features and similar cells are involved. Professor Jung and his team are seeking to implement lab technology called quantitative realtime PCR (QuantStudio 6 Flex), which is vital for their immunological research. They will use this technology to study genetic changes in immune cell DNA under conditions of inflammation.

Our Plan to Help:
The American Brain Foundation, with your help, will give Professor Jung’s team the resources they need to make important new discoveries on the role of the immune system in a diverse range of devastating diseases. The findings Professor Jung and his team generate will not only help their own research, but may aid drug development efforts around the world, helping us get closer to finding effective treatments that may impact millions of Americans.