Paul George, MD, PhD

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Stanford University Medical Center

Target brain disease(s): Stroke

Project goal: Develop treatments to restore lost brain function after stroke.

Project description: Stroke is a leading cause of disability in the United States, drastically disrupting the lives of stroke survivors and their caretakers. Due to tight therapeutic time requirements, the current medicines or interventions are not available to the majority of stroke patients. Current stroke therapies must be administered right around stroke onset, so often patients do not receive medical attention in time to receive therapies, resulting in long term injuries that are a tremendous burden on patients and their families. Multiple studies have shown that in animals, stem cells can improve stroke recovery. The optimal method of delivery and use of these cells in humans remains is unclear. Through the use of novel biopolymers to interact with and deliver stem cells, Dr. George’s research uses novel bioengineering techniques to understand the mechanisms of neural recovery (primarily in stroke) and to investigate a new treatment of stroke to help improve patient recovery. The ultimate goal is to translate these findings into clinical trials to help stroke patients.

Funding: Received $130,000 in research funds.