Read about Kevin Sheth, MD, FAHA, FCCM, FNCS, FAAN, FANA

2010 Corporate Round Table Clinical Research Training Fellowship Recipient

Target brain disease(s): Traumatic Brain Injury (brain and spine trauma)

Project goal: Use methods to detect early brain swelling of patients with devastating brain injury, and test new drugs to prevent further swelling.

Project description: For patients who have a blood clot in the brain, suffer trauma to the head, or have bleeding in the brain, there are a number of things that can happen that can make a serious condition life threatening. One is that their brain can swell, which can become very serious, even life-threatening, and is a very common cause of poor outcome in these patients. To date, there are no treatments to prevent swelling or even measure and detect brain swelling in the first place. Dr. Sheth and his colleagues are the first to test new drugs to prevent brain swelling. They have shown that by using methods they have developed, they can detect brain swelling and attack it early on. The early results show that this approach has promise, but we are in the early stages of performing clinical trials in large numbers of patients to see whether or not this approach will really save and improve lives.

Funding: Received $130,000 in research funds.