Bhavana Patel, MD

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What We Know:
Dementia with Lewy bodies (DLB) is a very common cause of memory problems in the United States. It is often not properly identified and at this time we do not know enough about whether people with DLB are accessing the best care for their disease.

Our Plan to Help:
Dr. Patel’s team will look at various aspects of care including which physicians are caring for DLB patients, if there are specific counties in Florida where DLB is not being identified, and if patients are prescribed the appropriate medicines. Dr. Patel’s study has the potential to better understand the gaps in quality care for patients with DLB. Recognizing these gaps can help develop strategies to improve diagnosis, treatment, and quality of life for patients. This information will serve as a foundation for collaboration among DLB centers in Florida. Dr. Patel’s future goal is to improve education and provide access to treatments and clinical trials across the state. Dr. Patel’s study has the potential to influence care for patients with DLB and their families in communities across the nation.

How You Can Help:
By donating to Dr. Patel’s research, you are directly contributing to a deeper understanding of the care of patients with DLB that may lead to future strategies to improve access and outcomes.