Potamkin Prize for Research in Pick’s, Alzheimer’s, and Related Diseases – 2023

2023 recipient

Maria Luisa Gorno-Tempini, MD, PhD

The Potamkin Prize is the highest honor in Alzheimer’s research that recognizes premier scientific research in Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias. Funded by the Potamkin Family through the American Brain Foundation and presented in partnership with the American Academy of Neurology.

Dr. Gorno-Tempini is an outstanding clinician-scientist who has devoted her career to the study of language disorders that have revealed major insights into neurodegenerative diseases, brain development, and normal cognitive function. Her work has provided clinical-pathological correlation that now enables the diagnosis of specific neuropathological diseases that cause progressive aphasia. This work also has profound implications for our understanding of dyslexia, and how early brain development may affect later life vulnerability to neurodegeneration. These studies have also shed light on how the normal brain functions, and how language is produced. Throughout all this work, Dr. Gorno-Tempini has shown a dedication to mentoring and training young scientists.