Mridha Spirit of Neurology Humanitarian Award – 2023

2023 recipient

Olha Tychkivska, MD

The Mridha Spirit of Neurology Award is a humanitarian award for a neurologist or neuroscientist working in an impoverished community of the world. Funded by the American Brain Foundation and the philanthropy of Dr. and Mrs. Mridha, and endowed by gifts to Dr. Debasish and Chinu Mridha Endowment Fund.

As pharmacies closed in cities around Ukraine, medication was no longer easily accessible and when humanitarian aid began arriving, these critical medications were not included. Through the efforts of Dr. Tychkivska and her colleagues at the Ukraine Neurology Initiative (UNI), large volumes of epilepsy medications have been shipped into the country. She works tirelessly to distribute medication to children in need around Ukraine, while regularly re-assessing needs of individual drugs so that the limited funds at her disposal can be used in the most effective way possible. In addition to performing this incredible work, she remains a full time physician caring for her patients, as well as fighting for the life of her family as they live through this brutal war. Her dedication to her patients and her country has undoubtedly saved the lives of hundreds if not thousands of children, making her the definition of a real life superhero.