Resources & Education

There is help for you, or someone you know and love

For you or a loved one to be diagnosed with brain disease is overwhelming and leads to important questions. We provide trusted resources to help you find the best answers.

Brain & Life™ magazine

Free, award-winning magazine featuring compelling stories and useful tips for patients.

Prepare for your visit

Advice on what to do before you visit your neurologist, and how to build a relationship with them.

Patient Education Books

Free videos and guidebooks help answer important questions about epilepsy, diabetic nerve pain, Alzheimer’s disease, multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s disease.

Patient Education Brochures

Quality resources for newly-diagnosed patients and their families from experts in the field.

Neurology® Patient Pages

Monthly publication provides critical reviews of ground-breaking discoveries in neurologic research—written especially for patients and their families.

Other Organizations

Spastic Paraplegia Foundation, Inc.