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Sean C. Sansiveri serves as Vice President of Business and Legal Affairs for the National Football League Players Association. In that role Mr. Sansiveri leads the NFLPA’s health and safety initiatives, including the development and implementation of protective measures that NFL clubs are required to follow in order to minimize occupational health problems. These efforts have resulted in the creation of standardized protocols governing the evaluation and management of concussions, the development of team-specific emergency action plans and the utilization of independent neurotrauma specialists on the sidelines of all NFL games. Mr. Sansiveri also manages the union’s medical research initiatives which include a long-term partnership with Harvard University and Harvard Medical School, investment in the Dementia Discovery Fund, and varied efforts to commercialize novel treatment interventions relevant to athlete illnesses and injuries.

Mr. Sansiveri is an adjunct professor with the Georgetown University School of Continuing Studies.

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