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Our Statement on Injustice, Inequality and Racism.


The American Brain Foundation expresses its condolence to the family and friends of George Floyd, and revulsion at his killing. We condemn the unconscionable persistence of systemic racism and police violence against African Americans that continue to plague our country and our communities. 

Our Foundation’s goal is life without brain disease, and this cannot be achieved when health, social, and economic systems are less accessible to people of color, and at worst oppressive or deadly. It is not a coincidence that some of the most devastating brain diseases, such as Alzheimer’s Disease and stroke, disproportionately affect African Americans. More recently, the recognition of the profound and disproportionate impact of the COVID-19 infection on communities of color is a warning that they will suffer a heavy burden of neurological diseases related to the virus. 

As an organization in the United States dedicated to funding brain disease research, the American Brain Foundation is determined that the tragedy of these recent events will galvanize us to leverage our expertise and resources to help overcome the disparities in the burden of brain disease in our country. We support research. We fund scientists. We choose leaders and recruit staff. We serve patients and caregivers. We educate on brain disease. Our Foundation is committed to seeing all we do through the lens of diversity, equality, and inclusion as we continue to work toward a world without brain disease. We are inspired by the commitment of Americans and people of all colors around the world who are standing up against injustice, inequality, and racism.


David Dodick, MD, FAAN
Chair, American Brain Foundation

Jane Ransom
Executive Director, American Brain Foundation