Faisal Amin, MD, PhD

Clinical Research Training Scholarship in Headache

What We Know:
Post traumatic headache (PTH) is an increasing problem among the younger population. Unfortunately, not much is known about why some patients develop PTH and even less is known about how to treat this invalidating condition.

Our Plan to Help:
Dr. Amin’s research will focus on the imaging biomarkers of post traumatic headache which is the first step to understanding the mechanisms of PTH and may facilitate the development of better treatment options for patients in the future.

How You Can Help:
Donate to the American Brain Foundation to support Dr. Amin’s important research that will improve treatment for patients suffering from post traumatic headache.

Dr. Amin is the recipient of the 2019 Clinical Research Training Scholarship in Headache funded by the American Brain Foundation and International Headache Society in collaboration with the American Academy of Neurology.