Expert Review Panelists

These panels are comprised of esteemed neurologists and neuroscientists who are experts in their field. They review all project applications related to their field of sub-specialty and are responsible for determining which projects meet the criteria for the American Brain Foundation’s crowdfunding site. Approved projects are posted on the crowdfunding site and fundraising campaigns begin.


ALS & Neuromuscular Diseases

Tetsuo Ashizawa, MD, FAAN
Craig Campbell, MD
Alastair J. Corbett, MD
Clifton L. Gooch, MD, FAAN
John T. Kissel, MD, FAAN
Tahseen Mozaffar, MD, FAAN
Ichizo Nishino, MD, PhD, FAAN
Anne Louise Oaklander, MD, PhD, FAAN
Richard W. Orrell, MD
Michael R. Rose, MD
Seward B. Rutkove, MD
Valeria Sansone, MD
Jeremy M. Shefner, MD, PhD
A. Gordon Smith, MD, FAAN
Jeffrey Statland, MD
Jaya R. Trivedi, MD, FAAN
Conrad Weihl, MD, FAAN
Gil I. Wolfe, MD, FAAN
James P. Wymer, MD, PhD, FAAN


Autism & Neurodevelopment

Erika F. Augustine, MD
Brenda Banwell, MD
Shafali Jeste, MD
Jennifer M. Kwon, MD
Ann H. Tilton, MD, FAAN


Brain & Spinal Cord Tumors

John F. De Groot, MD
Eli Diamond, MD
Hassan Fathallah-Shaykh, MD
Na Tosha N. Gatson, MD, PhD
John J. Laterra, MD, PhD
Rimas Lukas, MD
Nimish A. Mohile, MD
Patrick Y. Wen, MD, FAAN


Brain & Spine Trauma

Katharine Busl, MD
Michael S. Jaffee, MD, FAAN
Dawn O. Kleindorfer, MD


Dementia-Alzheimer’s, LBD, Other

David A. Bennett, MD
Steven T. DeKosky, MD, FACP, FANA, FAAN
Douglas Galasko, MD
Lawrence S. Honig, MD, PhD, FAAN
David S. Knopman, MD, FAAN
Bruce L. Miller, MD, FAAN


Headache & Pain

Heidi K. Blume, MD
David W. Dodick, MD, FAAN
Andrew D. Hershey, MD, PhD
Troels S Jensen, MD, DMSc
Robert E. Shapiro, MD, PhD, FAAN


Movement Disorders

Roger L. Albin, MD
Samuel A. Frank, MD
Un Jung Kang, MD, FAAN
Elizabeth A. McCusker, MB, BS (Hons), FRACP
Kathleen M. Shannon, MD, FAAN
Caroline M. Tanner, MD, PhD, FAAN
Phyllis C. Zee, MD, PhD


MS & Autoimmune Diseases

Brenda Banwell, MD
Robert J. Fox, MD, FAAN
Luanne Metz, MD
Michael K. Racke, MD


Neurogenetic Diseases

Massimo Pandolfo, MD, FAAN
Stefan M. Pulst, MD, FAAN


Neuroinfectious Diseases

Joseph R. Berger, MD, FAAN
Avindra Nath, MD, FAAN
Raymond P. Roos, MD, FAAN
Karen L. Roos, MD, FAAN
Kenneth L. Tyler, MD, FAAN



Stephen Kramer, MD


Seizure Disorders

Anne Anderson, MD
Sydney Cash, MD
David M. Ficker, MD, FAAN
Lawrence J. Hirsch, MD, FAAN
Phillip L. Pearl, MD, FAAN
Kwee Liu Lin Thio, MD
Edwin Trevathan, MD, FAAN


Sleep Disorders

Claudio L. Bassetti, MD
Caroline M. Tanner, MD, PhD, FAAN
Bradley V. Vaughn, MD, FAAN
Phyllis C. Zee, MD, PhD


Stroke & Vascular Diseases

Cheryl Bushnell, MD, MHS
Mitchell S. V. Elkind, MD, MS, FAAN
Dawn O. Kleindorfer, MD
William J. Powers, MD, FAAN
Barney J. Stern, MD, FAAN
Lawrence R. Wechsler, MD, FAAN
Bradford B. Worrall, MD, MSc, FAAN


Technology & Innovation

Erika F. Augustine, MD
E. Ray Dorsey, MD, MBA
Robert G. Holloway, MD, MPH, FAAN

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